QYH Training System

The development of QYH relies on the joint efforts of QYH people, and QYH respects talents, values talents, and trains talents. The company pays attention to the development of each employee, adopts a variety of training channels, and conducts various trainings with the platform of QYH University. The training system established by the company is conducive to employees to improve their knowledge level, work skills and management level, and provides a strong guarantee for the career planning of employees.

  • Colorful training content

  • Various forms of training

  • Strong training staff

  • Quick and easy-learning Online university

The training content mainly includes strategic decision-making ability training, management coordination ability training, team building ability training, job skills training, cultural concept training, professional plan training, reserve personnel training, academic education training and new employee induction training.

The training forms mainly include internal training, external training, expatriate training (such as experience plan, on-the-job training, cadre rotation), staff self-training, various thematic exchange learning activities, induction tutor training, etc.

The training faculty is composed of company executives, managers at all levels at headquarters, managers above team leaders in various branches and business backbone. They play their own professional skills, develop internal training courses in combination with practical work, and form an internal training faculty at all levels, from management theory to practical operation.

The company has established the online learning center of QYH University. The students can break the limitation of time and space and arrange their learning time and content freely. Online learning courses involve seventeen major categories, such as marketing, production, human resources, finance, and so on. There are more than 600 lecturers in more than 1000 courses. It is called a "business school without walls".

QYH University

The purpose of the establishment of QYH University is to "exploring the management methods, investigating the skills of management, and promoting the beauty of life." By accumulating and disseminating the company's successful management experience, it helps the company to establish the management advantages of the company, improve the competitiveness of talents, and help to grow into a domestic first-class enterprise.


QYH University has a multi-level series training courses, which is the essence and summary of the company's management methodology. It is divided into three levels: senior management, middle-level and employee. It includes four modules: leadership, strategy, operation and organization, and with more than 20 courses.


Most of the lecturers at QYH University are senior managers and department managers of the company. They have accumulated rich business experience and personal management experience in long-term work practice.

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